Thursday, December 18, 2014

Early To Rise Said No Pet Ever

So, Abby has been here for about 10 days now. Let’s see, we got her Friday the 5th and so far she’s tried to eat the Christmas tree, chewed on a couple presents and the fake present box, gotten sick (there’s a reason I bought a Bissel carpet cleaner back in the day), racked up a 170 dollar vet bill, and today chewed up my USB cord for my printer.

But she’s become quite the member of the household. Gawd. Even Beta is a little more interested in the back yard with Abby around.

And although she’s feeling better today and both the dogs were up and had a walk already (and she chewed up a vital USB cord), it’s a little early around here to really get going.

This is what the animals who live here are doing at 7:30 AM-

Pets 6

Hey, could you turn off that light please-It’s really annoying.






Pets 5


Dude, seriously.





Pets 4


Go bother the dogs…but do you have another pillow-two aren’t enough.




Let me just say the only one up was Jack-

Pets 3


I will not sit still for you to take a picture of me at the food dish for all your friends to laugh at. I will not.





Pets 2


However, I will intentionally and pointedly walk away on the counter to show everyone that I will not be controlled by you.

Is that more food over there….????




We went to Dave’s brother’s house last weekend for a Christmas get together. No pictures. But lots of food and good company.

Dave’s son and girlfriend were here for a few days. Again no pictures. But enjoyable visit for sure.

I shouldn’t be responsible for the documentation of Dave’s peeps. But apparently he’s not snapping up the pics either.

I did do a little late Christmas shopping and took a picture of this

Pets 1

Because that’s what’s really important to me.

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