Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recovering the blogging Mojo

Well, we got thrown a little the past few weeks and getting back into the swing has been a challenge. It really started with a lot of craziness and people not following through on what they said and ended up with the sad passing of Dave’s son. I really hope it’s all over.

Although I just realized Blane’s birthday is Monday. This Monday. I’ll be in Vegas. Getting more behind at work and not at all ready for Blane’s 30th Birthday. Not. At. All.

I have a feeling that Christmas is going to be a little bit frantic this year……

However, back to the present—stay focused--We did do some things in October.  I know we did.

Cody and Marel came to visit, and brought Dylan along too.



Cody and Marel went hiking. Cody was disturbed that Marel didn’t have the correct shoes so she had to change to her tennies-


Leopard print, right?? She got perturbed when Cody took her picture on the trail and didn’t get her shoes (“that you made so much fuss over”) in the picture. I personally love them.

And we went out to dinner in So Minneapolis


And we drank this delicious berry martini thingy!


I’ll take two please.

We drove over to the Wisconsin side to watch a Packer Game with the Meldes

It was fall weather but I had a hard time getting a good picture of fall for some reason—could have been the speeding car or something like that.



I don’t know. This was in my back yard.


Fall in the Country Club Manor….

I  tried to teach my friend Tiffany how to knit.

Tiff is going with us to Vegas for Rock and Roll this weekend. And she ran with us two years ago in Seattle at Rock and Roll-and was a Ragnar team mate-

Space Needle

That’s her in the middle at the space needle. After the race in Seattle in 2013. Not sure why she looks so refreshed and we look a little bit beat up (that’s Cathy on the end)

Anyway, I tried to teach her to knit but a bottle of wine sort of got in the way.


She did exceptionally well. Lesson two minus a bottle of wine coming up.

So-that’s the October update. Sort of. November has the boys in suits, a short trip to Tacoma, another trip to Vegas.

Stay tuned--Film at 11!


Sunset out the back door.

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