Friday, October 17, 2014

Laura Mix-Worst. Idea. Ever.

Actual things that happen in our house that we blame on Laura.


Dave-What. Now.

Me-Jack is in the toilet. Again.


Me-He’s playing in the toilet. Not just taking a drink like Chat. His HANDS are in the toilet

(Chat preparing for a cool refreshing sip)


Dave-Shut the lid. Problem solved.

Me-Well, I don’t want to ruin his fun. You know, this all started at Laura’s house.

Dave-This is ALL Laura’s fault. It all started with her great idea to get that cat water fountain. It was the worst idea  EVER.  After that Jack turned into a water whore.

(This is where the problems started….)

Jack and Freckles

Me-I KNOW it. I think it’s quite possible that Chat learned the toilet trick from Laura because I never saw Chat do it before living in that house.


Dave- Well, I never saw Laura drinking OR playing in the toilet. But it was after living in her house hold that our cats turned into toilet freaks.

Me-Do you ever have the urge to put YOUR hands in the toilet, I mean since living there?

Dave-What? And Jack get your toilet hands away from me.

Me-Never mind.


Seriously, I’m using the toilet here….


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