Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Two Weeks in July

It was General Internal Med night (or Medical Floor night or some sort of Mayo night) at the Honkers Game in July sometime. I’m not sure what day that was because they all blur together.

But suffice it to say we went. It was nothing like the Rainiers game we went to last year in Tacoma at Cheney Stadium. Not. At. All.

Mainly, there is no way those Rainier fans would have sang the whole theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And when I say the fans sang it, I mean all the fans were rapping the whole entire song. It was the best. Absolutely the Best.

We took a selfie (again a bad selfie, but a selfie none the less)


Yikes, right?

I got a nice snap with the mascot-

 Honkers 1

I’m holding my sock knitting. I should have made the Mascot hold my socks. Dang. Next time.

We have set a little goal to try to visit the state parks in our area. We started at Lake Louise.


The dog likes it. We like to let Beta off the leash now and then. He tends to trot on ahead to scout out the trail. The unfortunate part about that is he can’t really hear us when we are screaming at him to come. He usually doubles back to check on our progress, but if we meet someone, well, we need to be in control of our annoying barking dog.


The day was super nice. A little warm and very buggy when we were in the woods. We didn’t stay long but we enjoyed it while we were there.



We keep telling ourselves to get bug spray, but we still have yet to make this purchase. Something about spraying chemicals all over my bare skin makes me pause and reconsider my options. However, I am pretty sure I don’t have to worry about the risk of birth defects to my unborn children and being chased by bugs is super annoying. So I guess my mental well being outweighs the risk of exposure to carcinogenic defoliants and I will definitely be prepared next time.

The other thing I did (not “we”, “I”.  Because, well, obviously although Dave was there to support as always) was ran the Saint Mary’s University Trail Scamper. It was unGODLY humid. But not that hot so it was kind of a different feel. It was mercifully only a 5 K (3.1 mi) so that made it bearable.

Me before-completely unflattering picture and Dave’s third attempt at getting one. Hence the “hurry up and get this over with” stance.


The bluffs in the background is the racing venue. Up and down and all around back where the air is hot and still and extremely wet.

Me, after, even more unflattering and holding my sweat soaked shirt away from my body-


Ugh. BUT-in the end I won this-


I maintain if you can finish still standing in this age group, you too can win.

My comment to the crowd---

“It’s the new 30 people”

So that’s a little recap of a couple of weeks in July.

I’m not sure this ever made it to the blog, but in closing, this is Dave’s 11th Anniversary present. Because nothing says 11 years like a tee-shirt.


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Better to smell like cinnamon and keep the mosquitos away then the store bought chemicals!