Friday, March 21, 2014

Birthdays, Books, and Bird.

I realized that I had neglected to blog recently. I’ve been busy since last posting.

Let’s see…

I had a birthday, and so did my oldest friend in the whole world (oldest as in longest, not oldest as in age) Nina.

We celebrated with a couple Cosmos. A martini glass full of awesome.


I know, right???


Ok, that was really after the actual birthday.

On my actual birthday I got to see a famous knitter and author Stephanie Peal-McPhee with my sister and my friend Julie. Oh and Nancy was there for a minute. It was Nancy’s mom’s birthday too. March 5th is a popular day for birthdays.




Check us out with our socks! Her new book isn’t actually about knitting. It’s about her life experiences. The reading was hilarious. She’s hilarious. There weren’t enough books to buy, but she did sign a book plate for me. “Happy Birthday Sarah” it says.

And last weekend we went to Vogue Knitting Live. Well, I went to the market with Julie, Nancy, and my sister.


This isn’t at VKL, it’s Stitches West, but Julie is on the left and Nancy is on the right, so you all know who I’m referring to without having to look back (because I’ve referred to them twice now in one post).

Angela was also there, up from Portland. We all had lunch and I didn’t get a picture. Are you kidding?

The only picture I got at the marketplace was of the catapusses.



Yep, that’s what I recorded. But it is most interesting right?

Now, I am working on moving and getting back over to Nina’s for my last three months of living in Tacoma. I am ending the same way I started, at Nina’s. Only this time I have a pet.


He misses Dave tremendously, and he can’t wait to move.

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