Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Dave

Dave had a birthday on January 4th. It’s too close to Christmas in my opinion. I am awfully tired, and probably a little hung over from sugar and all the other stuff I put in my body that was bad for me over the holidays.

It was a big birthday-six-oh. He went through a little depression and kept saying how old he was. Unfortunately, he was barking up the wrong tree on that one because I absolutely agreed with him.

Please, never look for sympathy here. You think you got problems? Nuff said.

Anyway-to celebrate we went to the beach on Friday.

“I’ll thank you to give me privacy to decide if I will be carsick.”


It was like the highest of high tides (in the middle of  King Tides week-it’s like Shark week only more fun-unless you’re a shark)

So we really couldn’t walk on the beach because there wasn’t much beach to walk on. We only realized this after Beta was almost sucked into the drink. You can tell he’s feeling a little nervous in this picture.


This looks like a lot of beach but it’s not. Ask Beta.


So we walked on the paved path up above the beach which was also very nice. And we took lots of pictures of the same thing over and over again.

DSC00510 DSC00509

There’s a LOT more like this. I’ll spare everyone and leave it at two. You’re welcome.

Trixie also had a good time. 


We drove the long way to the beach-by Hood Canal which was also beautiful and was a lot of pictures out of the car.


The long and winding road (I didn’t make that up-no copyright infringement here)


I’ve posted this guy before, but he never fails to amuse


The Taco Bell rodeo sculpture bronco buster. I don’t know why.

And, of course, a birthday selfie.


Yeah. Crazy people at the beach. I wonder if I had longer arms if these would turn out better.

On Dave’s birthday, we went to Point Defiance and took the dogs-again. We are turning into the PNW people who take their dogs everywhere-to the beach, to the park, in the store, at the farmer’s market (you are weird if you DON’T have a dog at the farmer’s market).

Happy Birthday!


The view was pretty nice there too.

Fog spilling out of the harbor.


We came home and watched football.

Enjoyed delicious cake.


Dave got a Kindle. He knew he was getting a Kindle because he told me he wanted a Kindle. Then he changed his mind. Then he said-you already ordered it didn’t you?

In other words, he ruined his own birthday.


There’s a lot of cats around him too.

We all spent the rest of the evening watching TV. You know what’s great about being a bird? You can watch TV AND pose for the camera.


Are you looking at me?

Happy Birthday.

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