Tuesday, September 10, 2013

May Not Be Suitable for Children

The last weekend of August (Labor Day Weekend actually) found us up in the woods with our dear friends Julie and Dave. Yes, the Daves make another appearance. And Dave’s son Justin came along too. That would be Dave M’s son, not Dave S’. Just to be clear.

Dave planned a hike up to Ollalie lake. What a good idea that was. It was much less travelled than the Snow Lake trip we took a month or so ago with about 250 of our closest friends.

This was a beautiful day. We started out early which was nice because it was cool and very pleasant.

The forest was lovely, and Julie and I brought up the rear and talked all about knitting, and more knitting, and then some knitting. Among other things. There’s lots to talk about when you are just walking through a beautiful forest.



IMG_1802 IMG_1799




The lake was beautiful, in it’s own little valley.

IMG_1836 IMG_1839

And of course, when knitters hike…..

IMG_1828 IMG_1827IMG_1831 

I saw this giant Rhodesian Ridgeback and had to take a few pics-His name was Stellar. Which, really? I couldn’t help but do the Stellllaaaaa thing. How could you not?

That is good water.



This was a good dog. If it had been our dogs there would have been barking and screaming (from both Beta and us) and general mayhem. I don’t know why our dogs are so bad. And why they can’t be stellar like Stellar.

We did the requisite group shots

IMG_1832 IMG_1812

And I tried an arty shot-


Julie’s better at these kinds of things-check it out here.

Then back down the trail, which by afternoon was quite a bit warmer and I was glad we were travelling down instead of up.

IMG_1846 IMG_1817 

It was the best day. Had a wonderful time with great friends.

Hope to do a repeat on Mount Si at the end of the month.

Last weekend, as I was driving around minding my own biz, I came across an interesting sight.

I saw this sign as I was finishing up mailing a letter. It was right up the street in Fircrest. I was downright giddy that someone would put up a sign like that shocked and appalled.


Wha….what? What does that say?


Oh my. I thought that’s what it said when I turned around to take a picture, along with about 5 other people. We all agreed it was totally Facebook worthy.

And so it was. Later Blane sent the following text-

‘Theres no way that sign is not breaking some ordinances. I cant believe they would pull that off. I must drink there.’

And so must I Blane, and so must I.

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Amber Fernandez said...

LOL at the sign!

I miss you, Sarah, and your friendliness!