Monday, June 17, 2013

6 Months Ago

It was 6 months ago this weekend that we were driving Dave out here-

 IMG_1302 IMG_1303


That was quite something. and now here it is summertime.

But I don’t have any great summertime pictures.

Actually, the past two weeks I don’t have many pictures at all. Sad, but true. And I thought I had a couple of old pictures to put up on Facebook and when I went to get them off my USB stick-GONE.

That is so maddening.

But this week my friend Cathy is coming to run the Seattle Rock and Roll-


I know, I should have a better picture but this is a running picture so I thought it appropriate.

Our friend Tiffany is coming too-

And I can’t find one good picture of her. I should have at least one from Ragnar. Jeesh. But I promise to have many by this time next week. Promise.

So that should be way more exciting than this.

We did get up to Edmonds this weekend for Father’s Day.

We went to the Edmond’s Art Fair. Crowded and not one picture. I even made Dave bring the camera. Say what?

Then to Martha’s house for dinner, which was delish, by the way. Grilled salmon, fresh asparagus, corn, tomatoes, salad, and breads. Then brownies for dessert. Holy Cow.

I took a  few pictures there-

Big Cedars


Katie Talking to Grampa


Us cooking-(Dave took these…..I thought maybe there might be a group shot….but no)

IMG_1609 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1608

But, for Father’s day? Not one picture of Grampa. I know, right?

But it was a good day. And that’s what counts.


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