Monday, May 27, 2013

Rainy Weeks

This week has been a little rainy which officially starts the summer season here in the great northwest. The summer that many people think of as summer starts here after the 4th….of July. And usually extends into September. It’s very nice but sometimes people get a little squirrely about this time thinking that summer will never come. And I don’t know why people expect memorial day to be sunny and warm. I think of it as rainy and cool, unless in MN, then it could be very hot and muggy.

So I didn’t take many pictures this week. I haven’t been many different places. I did dig up the front bed of the house, and put mulch down, but didn’t take a picture and refuse to go stand in the rain today, on my day off, to photograph. Grampa came and did some weeding, all the fertilizing,  and part of the mulch spreading. It looks great, take my word. I was going to weed the front and back in my wildflower garden, but then I went to Seattle yesterday and it was raining and I was very, very lazy.

Yawn. In Seattle I went knitting with some of the girls. Martha wasn’t there because she was here-

Hunter Bay

That looks nice, Hunter Bay on Lopez Island.

But, back to civilization, we were in Seattle, Lake Forest Park actually knitting by the bookstore (I bought a book for Martha but will likely be using it myself….Knit to Flatter-too many sweater fails prompted purchase). And then Julie and I cruised down to the Farmers Market, met up with Nancy, and I bought some beautiful flowers.


Of course, photographing them was more like this-

 IMG_1581 IMG_1582

Nothing is ever easy.

And I am having great success with my bird feeder-

I took a picture through the window-



But thought the screen blurred it so I went outside to take a shot (I was hiding behind the wall) and of course, this is what happened-


They flew away-except for a few brave souls. The massive jungle below the feeders is actually the wild flower seeds I planted a month or so ago. And at least I don’t have to keep watering them.

This week I promise to take lots of pictures of my week, I think. I had a great picture of Laura standing next to a giant statue from her trip abroad, and I have lost it (hint hint-please resend I beg you….and maybe some farm shots too, just because? You know you want to)

Anyway, Happy Memorial Day, sit down, relax, take a load off.


Tixie, in chair, with remote and glass of wine. 

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