Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Tribute

I am this close to vacay. On my way to Seattle Washington. Then a wee bit south to Tacoma where I believe a move happened a week or so ago.

It went from here

IMG_0077 IMG_0076

To here


I understand it was exhausting as evidenced by my sister Martha at 12 hours in. I know.


She is talking to me.

But never fear because although Martha has collapsed on the deck, these two are still getting their wine on.


(Martha, in the mirror, resuming an upright position)

I think once it was all said, but not nearly all done, there was some sort of mass loss of cognitive function because I got two days of streaming texts-something like this:

IMG_0072  IMG_0070 IMG_0071 IMG_0068

I know. I wasn't too concerned thinking that possibly my sisters were somewhat under control.

Then I realized that Debbie was instigating this whole hat extravaganza, and Martha was hopelessly entrenched.


..the hell? Seriously people. Although Martha is looking positively Out of Africa-ish. Safari anyone?

But all was back to normal in a few hours.


Wine up, Grammas, wine up.

(Note a little start of hordage to the right-just sayin’)

On another topic-totally unrelated but kind of related to the tribute in the title of my blog-which actually is the title. (I love those long sentences. Just love them. You should hear my voicemails-really, stream of consciousness like no other-one long run of unrelated thought after another. Like that sentence. Now, where were we….)

Yes I know-the Winona County Fair, which, if moved another 20 feet would actually be in Olmsted County. But not.

Dave and I made a food plan and made our way down through the mean streets of St Charles to the fair. (OK, there aren’t any mean streets here, but there are a couple of slightly peevish ones)

I saw, but did not eat this


Come ON! You know you are thinking how delicious some award winning fried cookie dough (on a stick) would be right about now, while you are outwardly vocalizing disgust so no one knows just how low you might sink. Yeah, I know.

IMG_0060 - Copy

I did have a corn dog, milk shake (which is really soft serve ice cream-yum) and some cheese curds. But next time-on a stick people, on a stick.

(Have I told you about the fried twinkies at the state fair-to DIE for. Or maybe that’s not the best way to describe it….)

We saw a petting zoo-


That’s a dusty Llama.

But then I saw this-


And you know-yes you know.

So, here’s a tribute to you Laura, and to all the Mixes, who couldn’t be contained on just one farm…..

IMG_0063 IMG_0062

You know you want one (that weird rolling and bouncing sound you hear is Laura’s eyeballs rolling so hard they are falling out of the sockets)

PB160029 - Copy

Don’t even start because this is the picture that launched a thousand blogs.

See ya in Seattle. Where it rains all the time.


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