Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Laid Plans

Woody Allen said “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”. And Julia Sweeney did a stage show called “God Said Ha!”, along the same premise. I like this one “When we make plans, God laughs”. Any way you say it, it means the same thing. And so we experienced this last week when Cody’s fiancé, Kate, decided that she didn’t want to get married right now, or maybe never, taking us all by surprise. We were saddened by the news, but things happen for a reason and hopefully when we figure out what the reason is, it will have all been worth it.

And on the home front, things continue to go along, and along, and along.

Blane moved, and his friends helped out.


Jeremy provided the truck


And Daylen provided the dog


I’ve known those boys for a long time.

So that was successful, and the dog sure is cute.

It snowed about 8 or so inches, and we shoveled.


Look at how good we did


Very professional. Unfortunately, this snow cancelled my knitting Block of the Month, and my massage, because I couldn’t get out in time.

The dogs watched, but did not help.

DSC00237 DSC00236

We put up the Christmas tree. Christmas. I am so behind on Christmas. And truthfully, I didn’t even put up the tree, Dave and Jack did.


Here’s the tree, from the “Jackcam”


Seriously, this picture made me laugh so hard I could hardly hold the camera. And I’ll bet you’re thinking “Really? Am I missing the joke? How exactly is that funny?”. Well, trust me, it’s very funny. Even Jack thinks it’s funny.


I finished this quilt top for the shop


Jack messed it all up and I had to distract him with a large bag. Jack loves a bag. Any bag.


See him? Well, then look what happened-


It’s Yeltsie! Jack is very afraid of Yeltsie (who’s real name is Elvin), who is half his size and has no tail.  But Jack doesn’t see Yetsie, yet. But then, oh no.


Well, that wasn’t so bad, except Jack came out a little and guess what he saw?


He saw Elvin. And then he was trapped in the bag. The only thing left was to escape and run away.


And so ended that saga. Which, by the way, is repeated about 20 times a day.

While this was happening inside, we were having another snow outside. A week after the first snow. Only this wasn’t just a snow, this was an all out blizzard.


Yep, white out conditions.

We did the first round of shoveling on Saturday, and when we got up on Sunday this is what we saw.


More snow.


And more snow. But at least we didn’t have a 5 foot berm across our driveway, like the neighbors. (That’s Dave providing scale) But at least the neighbors didn’t have to shovel by hand, like we did. So it sort of evened out. Sort of.  We moved a lot of snow. By hand.



And of course, it was the weekend so instead of missing my crappy job, I missed all the fun stuff-my sewing class and my knitting meet up. Not to mention the Christmas shopping I am now doing on my lunch hour all week long, instead of my gym time. Ok, I am only shopping for two lunch hours, but it seems like more. Especially when I had it all planned out for Sunday. Damn you Mother Nature!

Nothing is scheduled for next weekend, so the weather should be great.

So, as I said life goes on. And we aren’t making any plans whatsoever, because lately it seems that when we make plans, God laughs.

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