Monday, November 15, 2010

I hear that train a-comin’, comin’ round the bend….

Yep, the sweet ride of the holiday season. I have already explained how it starts, and it is starting day after tomorrow. Blaney is 26 whole years old on November 17th.

When did this


Turn into this?


Ok, this is a little better.

DSC00820 - Copy

Either way, it’s happening this week.

Last week I worked. Sometimes it can be entertaining. Such as the moment I looked out the window and I saw this.


Who are those guys (and girl)? And why are they doing push ups in the street? Very interesting…..


I also saw Mayo One up close. I wanted to snap it taking off but it would have none of that. I waited for quite a while, kind of a Mayo stand-off. They won.

Last weekend I went to a knitting retreat in Lanesboro. I like Lanesboro, and I have really never been there when it wasn’t crowded. And last weekend, it was pretty quiet.


I met a friend on Ravelry, Jillsknit, and she invited me to her cities knitting group retreat.

Here’s Jill.


There were 9 of us all together, and we stayed at the Cottage House Inn. Very quaint and good prices. We took over the meeting room and made it ours. I was the only one from SE Mn. The rest were from the cities, which got hammered with snow while we were enjoying ourselves.

DSC00090 DSC00088 DSC00094 DSC00109 DSC00108 

A little glass or two (or three) of the grape didn’t hurt anything either.



The other fun thing we did was go to Austin’s Mohair farm.


It’s very purple. (Here’s the linky, but I can’t get it to work on my computer. )

They have lots of hand spun-right from the source

DSC00107 DSC00105

DSC00099 DSC00098

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

I bought a little to make some mittens.


Sunday I said good-bye to Lanesboro and headed home.

Jack was waiting for me. I tried to get a picture of him when he was halfway in the washing machine, but he moved and refused to pose again. But the temptation of the machine was much too much, and I found him checking it out later


Jack is Jack.

Oh, I almost forgot-Mary has a new grandbaby last month-IMG_2274

This is Cameron. Very cute and probably more grown up now.

Just in time to hop on the holiday train-


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