Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Veseleyville, North Dakota

It’s a real place, even though there’s not much about it on the internet. I had found information on it on my phone but now can’t reproduce it on my computer. Not sure why that is but we’ll get back to Veseleyville later.


Veselyville and GF

Before I discovered Veseleyville Debbie came to visit and brought me a cat basket. I was unsure how this would go over but three out of four cats have done a test drive--



Yep—Note the different fits. Jack sort of pours himself in..


But as you can see Puddy and Chat have lotsa room-


Happy has not deigned to try it. Not sure he would fit at all. Nor would he even want to try.

Dave and I went to Cedar Rapids IA to see Jim Gaffigan. If you haven’t ever netflixed him in Beyond the Pale—truly, go right now and do so. It has my most favorite Jim Gaffigan bit about cake and it.is.hilarious.


The drive was beauteous-

DSC00269Clouds and green fields.

DSC00291Old farm houses

Stayed at the Hilton—this was the view from there--


It was HOT in Cedar Rapids, holy cow. The humidity was very high when we were walking around looking for places to eat. We did eat at a place called Cobble Hill. It was good and we got the last two seats in the place. I had some salmon which was ever so delish.

DSC00271Dark Bar seating looking out the front…

We were sitting kinda high up to take good pics of Jim Gaffigan. But—we were able to get some bad selfies. This is the best of the three which goes to show how bad they were.


The show started late, like 20 or so minutes and the warm up guy was ok.

DSC00285Long view of the warm up guy.

and blurry pick of Jim Gaffigan himself. I wish I could get a good picture of a performer. I thought my camera had a setting for that.


Anyway, he was funny. His bits about colonoscopy and his wife’s brain tumor (is that funny? Yep, and that’s what I love about Jim Gaffigan) were hilarious. He talked about so many things I can’t even remember them all. I hope he does a special during this tour, called the Noble Ape Tour.

After the show, we went out and had a couple of drinks at the Grin and Goose. I ordered a Mexican Mule and it was actually about 5 shots of Tequila with a little mule thrown in.


I then thought it would be a good idea to have a local sour. But maybe not.


Jeepers. The next day we went to the Breakfast Cafe cause it got rave Cedar Rapids Reviews. May I say I think it was rigged? I was a little ill after eating there. We were kind of sad about that. (No, it was not the Mexican Mule I had the night before, in case you might have been thinking that….)

After we got back we finally had our retirement dinner with Mary. Well, Laura and I aren’t retired but Mary is. I really really want to be retired. I want to say on my review that my goal is to retire but they don’t appreciate that. Not sure why.

Take One


Take Two


Now, today, I just got back from visiting Blane and Melanie in Veselyville North Dakota. It bugs me I can’t find the history I found before. But the place has been around since the early to mid 1800’s. We took a stroll around the Catholic graveyard (no, not weird) and there were many graves from the 1800’s. Lots of children who died. ND is a demanding and harsh mother.


It was a pretty cool place really.



Blane and Melanie’s house isn’t in the graveyard, it’s down the street--


DSC00317Back yard

There were endless photo ops since it’s out in the country—farm country.

DSC00321Moon over the fields.

DSC00325Sunrise Shadows over fields



Panorama but not sure it’s as good as the real thing……


We brought our dogs along so there were the four of us and seven dogs. That was a bit much.


We just got home today and after every time I visit I am so sad to leave. I wish we lived closer. But then they wouldn’t live out in the wide open spaces.

So, that’s as much as I know right now. I have another day off to finish the last part of my last paper in my last class. I’m not terribly motivated because I am suffering incredible school burnout but I think I can do it.

Oh, and did I mention—as of tomorrow ONE MONTH until Ireland. Not that I’m counting.

IrelandUs going there……

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Those Things That Aren’t That Fun but Are Made Fun by Friends.

Have you ever done something that isn’t really that fun but was super fun cause you did it with one of your besties? Yeah. I did that about a month ago.

On Father’s Day weekend Laura, my travel partner and blog muse, and I had a garage sale. Now, Laura is an expert in the field of garage sales but sadly, I am not. So she gave me all sorts of tip—like you gotta have stuff outside cause that draws people in. Good to know. She also had some free stuff available and I advertised fabric. Oh, and the other thing is it’s good to have pictures of your stuff. I took some sort of bad pictures of fabric since that’s really what I wanted to get rid of. I put an ad in the paper and Laura hit the social media sites.  She also did signage.



She’s Hired.

We had a beautiful day as you can see. I had fabric and books and assorted stuff like these sinks--

7764FB42-9EE7-4DCE-8196-741E48F26970    They didn’t sell, btw.

But someone said they’d make great planters which I considered but came to my senses about later.

Laura sold a ton of paint brushes and other supplies. I sold quite a bit of fabric and books and we were surprisingly busy and steady for most of the time we were open—which was 8-1.

A31DC110-0D91-4B30-A462-F87683B0C023 A slow moment.

In the minutes that we were alone we looked at our Ireland books and made profound and witty comments which amused us to no end.

We took a selfie with my camera--


There’s our calculator, some dental floss to have during our garage sale for dental emergencies (as one does), our Ireland books, my phone so I could Google what we needed to know, and our money—which together we made over 200 dollars. Not bad for a morning. But NOW that I know (I know, I know, NOW I know) how to throw a garage sale. I do. AND both of us are already planning our 2nd annual garage sale next June. I’ll have a little more fabric, but way more household goods and clothes and books and kitchen stuff. I’m already storing it up. Oh yes I am.

But the thing is I’m not sure I would have had the fun I had without Laura helping me and then sitting with me and being loud with me and everything else. It’s true.

Oh, and we paid the balance on our Ireland trip so after we spend our Saturday morning together we again apologize in advance to our fellow travellers for having to travel with us. Because surprisingly enough, some people don’t think we are funny. I KNOW—I don’t get it either.

It’s been mostly quiet after that. I am doing my last class at Walden. Yay for me. I have all the applications in for the practicum which starts in November. By Stitches 2018 I’ll be done, done, done. Am I ever glad about that. I’m still recovering over the two classes I took in the spring. I still don’t know how I did that.

Between then and now Ilan and Pam had their baby, Nova, and she’s extremely adorable.


Until she wasn’t


But even when she wasn’t she was still pretty cute. And little. Newborns tend to be that way.

Tiffini showed up for a visit for a couple of weeks and what better way to say hello than to run a relay on the 4th of July! Red White and Boom was completed by 8:30ish in the AM. It was hotter than I expected but I made it and so did Tiff--





Less happy and more sweaty!


I put on a sweatshirt cause I was sweaty and cold but by the time this pic was taken I was getting a bit warm.

The next day the ladies got together and we had a little 40th birthday celebration in Tiff’s honor—She was an hour or so late….


I hadn’t seen some of these folks for quite some time so I really enjoyed the reunion. I also hogged the shade but that’s another story. Next up for me and Tiff?? Ragnar Michigan. Look.Out.

Cody is in the middle of driving to Norfolk with Maral. He’s going back to residency and Maral has a job, I think as a hospital list. Either way, before he left he got a commendation from the Marines and the Navy.

We are so proud!


I only wish he had more hair. Jeepers. That’ll look impressive on his dress uniform.

And that’s what’s new. I have to get to the store to buy appetizers for work tomorrow which is making me incredibly salty AND cutting into my blog time.

There WILL be more later--

Happy says—What? This is my excited/hungry/mad/relaxed face. Guess which one it is now?


Don’t make me bite you.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June Fun in the Sun

Well, I have to say I did yet another Med City 1/2 Marathon over Memorial Day weekend. Sadly, didn’t do all that great but Cathy did superly well. I blame it on getting about 3 hours of sleep the night before. I just didn’t sleep well at all. So about mile 10 I was done. I hate that. But races are like that. Especially Med City. It’s either a great race or a crappy race. This one was in between. I felt tired and that’s what stopped me. Oh well. It wasn’t as terrible as in past races so I guess that’s something

Got some good pics though—oh, and did I mention the massive amounts of free beer whilst listening to the band in the sunshine? Yeppers.







We met up with Superman too


Right? That happened……

I do have some racing fun with Cathy. Next up is Scheels relay in August. Key word—Relay. 1/2 of a 1/2. That I can do.

We have accumulated dogs in the past couple of months.

First came Manny


Then, cause I thought he needed a friend, next came Lacey


Both are 10 years old and very different folks.

Every AM we go for a walk


And then a rest


And although these are famously birdy dogs Manny was a little confused by this atypical bird behavior-


The hell????


We had an over night visitor a couple of weeks ago too


This is Brandy and she’s a young Springer which make us appreciate why we have old Springers. Hahaha. At least she will chase a ball, unlike my two. So, we were the house of all things Springer.


We really enjoyed having Brandy—who belongs to my coworker Mollie who has the cutest baby every born--



However, Nina’s nephew had a baby and I have to say—he’s kind of the new standard for cute baby boys--

IMG_0508Lea and said baby Jack.

Ok? I want these two to get married and create super babies

But I digress. Because I do digress quite frequently. Digression is the only way that Laura and I communicate.

OK—anyway, back to dogs. We have two old dogs. Manny and Lacey. Manny has Lyme disease and maybe Cushings. Lacey is on Prozac. There we go. Life is always fun here.

Our Jack, not baby Jack, is unimpressed and stuffed himself into a too small space to show his disdain


I finished my pink dress and quilt for Ilan’s baby. I am hoping that we get it there before the baby comes. But if not it will be close-


That is one pink dress…..

I honor of the impending baby we show our support by filling our new beer fridge with assorted growlers, including my personal favorite Crazy Aunt-

IMG_0459No, I don’t have a problem.

Laura and I are having a garage sale this week. It features my fabric stash busting, Cozy mysteries I’ve read (Thank you Martha) and other assorted goods. If I make 20 dollars and get rid of some fabric I’ll be happy.

IMG_0496It’s gotta go.

Upcoming events? Hmmmmm. Not sure. I’m in my last class at school. I am so done with this. Working on getting my practicum in order. Who knows what that will look like. Walden is really good at non instruction. If I had to do it over I would have done this at Winona State. But after getting half way through it was too late. But by Feb of next year I should be an MSN. Which will get me approximately nothing. But at least it’s letters behind my name right?

The biggest event is in September when Laura and I go to Ireland and change history there forever. They really don’t know what they are in for. We are practicing being shusshed by our co travelers and strangers alike. We are immune to the shhuuush, by the way. Well, I mean we may shuuush momentarily but seriously, we only have one volume, which is fairly robust.

After that is Michigan Ragnar which I am running with Tiffini. So, basically, I’m taking September off.

Oh—Blane and Melanie closed on the house they bought in a place called Grafton, which is north of Grand Forks but not quite Canada.

I wish I had more pictures. Maybe I can link…..Here’s a link but not sure how long it will be active….I suppose you can google 6283 County Road 8, Grafton ND. It’s a huge lot—here’s Blane by the garden.


We will be going up in August for a few days. And I hope to do Thanksgiving up there with Cody.

Blane also did an 80’s themed gig for charity at his work.


Nailed it.

I guess that’s all for now. It’s stopped raining for a minute so time to walk some dogulars before nap time….


Finally, Happy does not care what happens, as long as those dogs just leave him alone.