Sunday, May 22, 2016


I follow a few blogs—my favorites are Lame Adventures, A Humor Blog, and Lance Bass Ruined My Life, and of course the Bloggess to name a few (Don’t forget Yarn Harlot), and then there was Sassy Redhead and The Bearded Iris, which I won’t even link to. What sort of bugs me is that Lame has dropped off the face of the earth. She moved both her house and her work which I can imagine was unsettling, but then she just sort of quit blogging. I love that blog. Same with Sean Fox (who also wrote Room Service is Closed which is pretty funny if you work with the public). Although he’s back every now and then—like every couple of months or so. Sassy Redhead has been gone for a year and Iris is on another site, but still writing.

My point is, if you are going to quit I think you should say so. Going to the website only to see the same posts for months on end is so disappointing. Not to mention annoying. I mean, I’m not the best in frequent blogging but I try to get in at least once or twice a month. I love to follow blog links on comments only to have the last post be from 2014. That is NOT blogging people. Gawd. Do not link to a blog just to have a link. It’s annoying beyond words.

To even be mentioning this sort of feels like I have way too much interweb time on my hands. Way.Too.Much.

I am on a two week break from school. I forgot what life is like. One more class then I’m out of the core classes and into my program. I guess that’s good.

Work is so stressful that I had nothing but stress dreams last night. I dreamed about a friend who died two years ago, I dreamed I called a patient at 5:30…AM. They were mad. I dreamed they gave me a new desk…outside…in the rain. I dreamed of the disapproval, real and imagined, of the people I work with. Lord. I was so glad to wake up. Maybe my 10 mile run today will relieve some of this. Or just make my knee hurt.

I have a half marathon next weekend, then off to Cali for the Rock N Roll. A little excited for that.

Oh, and having dinner with my new adopted sister Laura next Wednesday. One and the same as my blog muse Laura.

Is she not awesome?????

Mr Mix has suggested since I love the cows and certain people do not love the cows that they should adopt me so they have someone who they can name in their will as the cow care taker. That would be me. So I have kindly suggested the adoption process begin sooner rather than later. Laura and I are working on mutual irritation as only sisters can. Waiting for the next farm purchase so I can move in. I wonder if I can hyphenate my name because Mix-Melde has a certain ring to it.

Happy has come out from behind the couch and found the giant cat hut


IMG_1890Closer….closer…still not within biting range…closer…..

Puddy. There are no words for how bad this cat continues to be.

IMG_1900Oh, what’s in here?


This counter? I’m not supposed to be on THIS counter? Sorry. Now piss off.

Oh….the pergola is going up outside. They built phase one and had to remove phase one because it was about 14 feet tall. Oh. My. God.


Are you kidding me? I call it the flying buttress of Manor Ridge. Holy Cow.

So, they took this down, lowered it to roofline, and changed the orientation to parallel with the house. It will now serve it’s purpose.

Note to self-when having construction done someone MUST be home to supervise.

Since this weekend has been nice and the Douglas Trail about 3 minutes from our house we took a nice walk yesterday. Last time we were on this section we had two slow dogs. Sigh. 


Requisite selfie…Complete with fake smiles


This was the first one where we were laughing because of my inability to fit Dave’s head in the shot and the fact we are on our cell phones in the middle of a beautiful trail….

IMG_1902Tell me I don’t look like that.

Maybe someday I’ll get my teeth fixed…again.

Anyway, next weekend is the holiday and Blane and Melanie and 3 dogs are on their way down. That should get Happy going. I miss having a dog though….even though I said I wouldn’t get another till I retired. The call of the pet dog is strong.

Stay tuned---



DSC00315 - Copy

Good Kitten says I hate dogs and cats and everyone except Blane and I will never change.


Thursday, May 12, 2016


And springtime means running--

Cathy and I Unleashed the She at the beginning of May. It was a nice day, a bit windy, but not bad. I placed third in my age division.  I always like that. I didn’t stay to get my prize. Maybe someday they’ll give it to me.


I look a little bent over…I’m also wearing my sparkly skirt!

6 days later I ran again, this time it was called Rocking Robin Run, or R3. There was quite a group of us.

R3 Run_thumb[1]

This was a much warmer day—we are all shorted and skirted up. Ann, in the green on the right won first in her age division. We were privileged to be with celebrity! They gave us Bloody Mary’s at the end. I had two. They were a little spicy but they were free and that’s all I need.

There were bands all day but I left around one-ish. It was kinda loud and echo-ey and I couldn’t hear the music very well.

Happy showed up on the 14th. I don’t have any good pics ‘cause he’s elusive, but he is out in the general population now.

This is him riding home in the car—with my goat


He doesn’t look that nervous anymore

I bought that goat for Laura to try to melt her heart of ice about getting a goat. I figured she could start small. However, I had so much fun with goat that I have decided to keep him.

He bought a lottery ticket, scared our waitress in the cities, and had the ride of his life between the cities and home.


Riding proudly on the dash….


Dodging raindrops with his giant rain hat


Admiring his total awesomeness as a goat. You can’t beat that.

Goat is now mine.

Anyway, back to Happy. Puddy  has chased him and threatened him to within an inch of his life. He only outweighs her by about 12 pounds. I’m hoping for a little retaliation but so far nothing. He is sort of friends with Jack though.

Otherwise I just work and come home. Soon we are off to San Diego for some running. That should be fun for sure. School is over for this quarter. I am really happy about that. Hopefully I’ll keep the A’s going, but this class was challenging.

I’ll try to take a better picture of Happy. Till then…..


Sunday, April 24, 2016

It’s April, and It’s My Blog, and I Can Say Whatever I Want

Wow—don’t even know where the time went. Suddenly, I was working a new job and trying to fit in there and struggling over crazy instructors online (ugh…..eye on the prize), and then it was Yarnover.


I have been to the cities every weekend for the past three weeks, AND will likely go up next weekend too. But that’s later.

I did some volunteer work for a thing called Return of the Robin. It was a round robin hockey tournament. I guess it’s been going on for years. I was truly a fish out of water but it was sort of fun. They didn’t need me at all but I still did two hours of registration. Of course, it was the hockey clique so I didn’t get a lot of conversation, but the players were pretty amusing. The cooler of beer under the registration desk was nice too. Although I had to work the next day so couldn’t really partake…sigh.


IMG_1825Hockey people are a little different-That’s a hockey stick plunger, key ring, AND bottle opener.

And me with the winner’s trophy--


I never volunteer for sport things because most of the things I do are running involved and, well, I’m running. And I am running in a Rockin Robin race in two weeks. So to give back I did this. Seriously.

Martha sent me some cat houses and Chat thinks they are swell. Even Jack squeezed himself in this small one, although the large one is more his size.

IMG_1830It’s warm in here….

I found a their skein of yarn inside the other day. Yes the cat’s have a skein to play with because I thought if I gave them one they’d leave the rest alone.

Hahahahaha. I didn’t really think that one through….

I made a little baby blanket for a coworker who is about the sweetest person I know--


She’s about 5 minutes from giving birth. Or so she wishes.

I went up to the cities and did the shop hop with my friend Jill. Not a single picture of us, but I did take a pic of this


IMG_1831It’s this pattern. Sort of a knit racer back top. I liked it.

The next week was Hot Chocolate with the gang of four--

Hot chocAli, Tiffini, Me, and Cathy!

Ya gotta love those girls. The day was beautiful and Tiffini had been sick all week and was on antibiotics. Still she ran.

Sadly, she can’t come with us in June to the Rock N Roll relay. We will miss her so much. We got another runner, Kimberly from Ragnar! Yay, but a sort of sad yay.

Yesterday was Yarnover with Martha. No pics except of our beer-


Wait, I did get a shot of Susan Rainey in a Daydreams in Lace--

IMG_1837It was a test for our adopted Stiches sister Julie. She shoulda been there. The dinner talk by Meg Swanson was brilliant. I instantly ordered her book.


Meg Swanson

Look at this Adorbs baby sweater…

IMG_1839Dang that’s cute.

I also managed to take a picture of the view out of our hotel room--



It was rain and thunder and lightening this AM. Yesterday, however, was beautiful and so we had a good time going all over the city to see the sights.

One stop was Nordstrom where I did a whirlwind of buying. Well, not really. I needed some new pants and got them, plus a sweater on sale and a shirt. Oh, and a cute pair of flats. Now that I work over at Mayo there is a LOT of walking involved and heels, well, not so much anymore. Lots of Danskos and my new pants are hemmed for flatter shoes. Nice.

While we were at Nordstrom we got a call from my other sister, Debbie.

I couldn’t take the call because I was trying to buy my clothes (oh, and did I mention nylons and little footies too?)

But then I got the text--

Seems Happy bit Carol (again) and he had to leave the apartment right NOW. And Carol’s daughters were right behind that. Had. To. Go. No time to think. He was going to the shelter (supposedly no kill) unless we could scramble our asses and get him out of there. Let’s see. Martha and I were at the Mall of America and Debbie was in Tucson. We had said if Carol (aka bat shit crazy, BSC for short) ever had to get rid of Happy to please let us know and I would take him. I didn’t know that BSC and the evil step sisters would take that to mean you have an hour from where ever you are to mobilize the troops.

But mobilize we did. Martha called her friend who loves cats and who lives in the vicinity AND made the comment—She just gets crazier and crazier. She went over and saved Happy from whatever fate they had in store. Now they can bring their yappy ass dogs to the apartment whenever they feel like it. (No, I’m not bitter—remember the title, it’s my blog and I can voice my opinion as I see fit)

Happy should be on an airplane this time next week. And for the fourth week in a row I’ll head back up to the cities and have some fun.

My cats have no idea how their lives are about to change.

I called Blane and his first words were Hell yeah, that cat’s a biter. Dave said he got a garbled message about Happy news and Carol and thought that she had died, but then decided that evil never dies so he listened to the message again.

We are going to need another cat box.




Don’t let that relaxed pose fool you. He was just resting up for his next attack. That’s about 18 pounds of love right there.

IMG_1827Puddy can’t wait.

So, just another day in paradise here I guess. Working on the last three weeks of my current class which I am so burned out on it’s ridiculous.

But on we go-with a little help from our friends

IMG_1836 (Edited)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Birthday and Other Things

I had a birthday at the beginning of March. We hardly got home from Stitches when it was time to head up to Grand Forks to celebrate my birthday on the 5th and Melanie’s on the 7th.

Blane and Melanie have moved into the cutest house--


Here’s Blane and me on the front porch. The people who lived there before were sort of slobs and there has been lots of cleaning up but the house is adorable. AND huge. With a fenced back yard for their 3 dogs!


There are also 3 cats but I couldn’t get the greatest pictures of them--


IMG_1785Blane and Kitten



I think that’s everyone. But I didn’t get a picture of Melanie—what??? How did that even happen.

We got to GF late on Friday, leaving after work. It wasn’t a bad drive. We were looking forward to warmer temps after hearing about the big warm up that was coming this way.

But when we got there—not so much. We went out to the Red River which is close to Blane’s house and it was cold……really cold. The dogs didn’t seem to mind too much.



There’s a little part of Melanie on the left—the only picture I got of her all weekend.

We also brought up some of the chairs that have been in the family for years and years and years----


They looked fab in the office.

We got home and went shopping (I also did a bunch of homework—ugh). We stopped at the meat store and got the best brauts I ever had. We also had some cake that evening for our birthday-

DSC01312It was as delicious as it looked.

We had a great day. We watched a movie-Everest-which was pretty good too. I think it was one of my better birthdays.

We left on Sunday and it was warm and sunny—of course.

I got a parting shot of Blane and me—Where’s Melanie???



Like I say, it was really a great birthday and I can’t wait to go back this summer.

Two weeks later was the Downton Abbey Tea Party and Trunk Show. Always a success—Thanks to help from my friend and co-tea party hostess Lois.

Again, no pictures of us—wait, maybe I can steal one….

Lady Sarah & Lady Lois await their guests .....

Stole it right offa Instagram. But since it’s me and Lois I think that’s ok.

We set up the tables with Mother’s tea cup collection, the Ainslie/Dieck’s silver settings and table cloths, a few miscellaneous pieces, and a tea party was had. Oh, did I mention the delicious Daube’s?

Let’s start with the most important—Daubes….


DSC01325Silver on table cloth



We had costumes too--



Love it when the people dress up!!

For my work (you call that work) I traded for a kit and made one of my coworkers a little blanket--

BlanketWith a sheep on it!

We had a foot of snow last week. Well, 10.5 inches but it seemed like a foot. The buses didn’t run even thought we stood outside in a blizzard hoping for a bus. Jeepers.

To make us feel better we went to a party at Ilan’s brewery—Insight Brewing. It was pretty crowded.


But our names are on the wall--



FullSizeRenderIlan and Pam

Because we couldn’t quite get enough beer—we stopped at LTS in Rochester


All in all, I am really liking my new job, had a great birthday, and got to drink great beer!!

Then—the sun set and we thought—it’s been a good March.