Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Laura!!

This week, yesterday to be exact, was Laura’s birthday. My blog muse turned 27.

Twinkles with antlers

To honor her I am putting up a picture of Twinkles with antlers. Because I loved that cow. Although I could get attached to Houdiner.


Of course, this is one of my favorites

DSC00359 - Copy

But here’s  the all time best picture of Laura eva--

PB160029Can’t be topped

Although while looking for that one I found this one.

God that girl cracks me up.


Plans for dinner and Ireland planning this weekend. I’m bringing more Pizza and Cake. Laura suggested some salad for a healthy balance but I quickly pointed out that’s what cake is for. She gets it.

In other news—we travelled to Grand Forks this week end via Oklee MN.

Capture 2


On the road again—outrunning the storms with a dirty windshield.




Chloe rode shotgun



And shedded like mad. I told Laura the inside of our car was like those wind rooms where the money flies around and you have to catch it--

Like this only with more hair and less fun.

We got to Oklee, pop 425, two of those people are my friend Kari and her daughter Evelyn--


(Please ignore my bad hair….)


She is a homecare/hospice nurse and a damn good one. She was the best girl in my wedding—back in the day. I thought I had a scanned picture of us but I can’t find it and have lost the energy to scan another. I’ll keep looking….

It was great to see her and catch up a little. But Chloe kept us moving so we didn’t stay long.

We drove through some great MN sunsets




So when we got to GF I sort of lost the picture mojo. Chloe played all weekend with the big dogs, we grilled out, and went for a walk, but not one picture did I get of any of that.

We also went and watched Blane play softball—that was fun and I got a picture of Blane


There he is at bat. He had a nice RBI.

That’s all, and I was doing so well……

We hit some traffic going home and so for old times sake I got a picture of I-94 trying it’s hardest to live up to I-5


No can do. It was only about 15 minutes and we were moving most of the time.

School starts Monday. It’s been a fab vacay. Finishing up my homework for Vogue Knitting in November. I was supposed to teach a mystery quilt this weekend but it got cancelled so instead it’s a work party, Laura party, beer down with Cathy, and starting classes. Wow. Dave has his fantasy draft so he’ll be all up in the NFL biz. And that’s that. Another day, another dollar, another trip, another birthday.

Make it great!

Blog Muse-Machu Pichu

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

July-it was here, now it’s gone. Thankfully.

Jeepers. What happened to July? I’ve got nothing done. One blog post. I have written a couple of papers. School takes much of my time, it really does. And then work takes up the other part of my time. I’m done this week though—can I hear an AMEN?  I’m not sure what I learned, if anything, it seemed to just go by fast. It was a breeze compared to research which was the class before this one. My next class will actually be in the program I’m studying so it might be interesting. If only I had it to do all over again……

I didn’t win the lottery. Just to let you know. I was really banking on that 400 million drawing too.

Chloe is growing up and up


Laura came by for dinner and got some puppy time


Really, that’s Laura tormenting the dog, or maybe the other way around. The only other picture of her didn’t turn out due to bright and brilliant sun.

Laura and I also went out to dinner and a play-The 39 Steps. I had the best time and didn’t take one single picture. The play was super clever with only 4 people acting all the parts. The best part, though, were the comments Laura made about the play at the end. I LOL’d out loud—as Monk would say.

We continue to hate Happy, who is now taking his rage out on the concrete floor in the utility room. I thought, after painting (with Killz), replacing the baseboard, AND spraying about a gallon of cat odor remover the downstairs bathroom was smell free. However, this is still not the case.  It’s such a blessing that this is the guest bathroom so when I have people over they get the full experience of staying with us. Let’s not discuss the ruined carpet.

As you recall we baby sat Blane and Melanie’s dogs about a month ago. Yep. Did NOT sit well with Happy.

IMG_2051 Happy’s handiwork


IMG_2061Solution? No, he just moved to the right, just under the door

IMG_2070Afraid NOT to pet him.

IMG_2074I will eat your breakfast—or else……

IMG_2054And lastly, two cats too big for their feeding station.

Enough of that. I’ve had enough, Puddy’s had enough.


We’ve stayed pretty close to home this past month, mainly because of the animals. We are sort of afraid to leave.

We did take a visit to the farm to see Laura’s the Mixes cattle farm.

There’s a new calf, Houdiner, named for her mad escape skillz. Reminds me of my favorite calf, Twinkles, RIP. Chloe thought it was the biggest dog she’s ever seen.

IMG_2072The hell????

The chickens were so much more fun to torment.

Someone posted this for Laura on FB-


which totally cracks me up AND makes me remind Laura that a picture of her sporting a bun with one of her chickens in a bun would be so blogworthy—I don’t even have words. She’s not as excited about the prospect as I am. Who knows why?

Anyway, next week we leave to go up to Grand Forks to visit Blane and Melanie and their thousands of pets. The week after that I teach a mystery quilt class, and the week after we leave for a weekend in Seattle. Yep. On Friday, the Friday of a long weekend, we get to fly to Seattle, get to a lunch in West Seattle, get back to the hotel at SeaTac, then BACK to Seattle to a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Which are sort of close but not really—the rehearsal being in the arboretum and the dinner in Ballard (there’s only one way in, and one way out of the densest population this side of Bejing). Anyone from Seattle reading this is already having anxiety and panic attacks just thinking of what I have to do. On a Friday. At 5ish. Before a long weekend. I want to rally and say “I-5 will NOT defeat me”, however, I’m afraid this could be the trip that finally breaks me. If I could rent a tank and a few well placed heat seeking missiles my problems would be solved (no FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security—I don’t have the connections or cash to make this happen….if only).

I feel like I should just go and sit in my car for about 4 hours in the middle of the street to start my training.

Speaking of which, my knee continues to vex me, but maybe getting better. Physical therapy is helping, but  running is still limited. Fingers crossed. Good news is the x-rays looked like knees of a teenager. OK, maybe not quite but no breakdown there. My large muscles however are that of an 80 year old. Gawd.

Either way, I’m going to try to document some of these trips just a little bit better. AND my outings with Laura. Jeesh. I’m thinking that this house might have to be burned to the ground to resolve of the smell—so I might actually be living out there with her at the annex. I’m trying to get the Mixes to buy another farm, one for me, but for some reason they are dragging their feet.

So, on to August—oh, and it can be less humid now too. Waiting for the next electric bill….thanks air conditioning. Then again, really, thanks air conditioning—central air this summer has been nothing but a blessing. Considering all that’s happened—Happy, dented car—did I mention?

DSC01372(Trying to show the scrape but it’s more reflection…sigh…)

replacement hot water heater AND the broken new refrigerator

IMG_2078(Let’s put the loaner fridge here, by the door, and have our guests wait on us when they enter the threshold.)

I’m pretty much done with July. So, moving on.

This helps—but they frown on beer at work


So will look toward the future—see you on the five (a local Seattle/Tacoma/West Coast inside joke).

IMG_2082 (Edited)

It’s out there, I know it.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Manic Phase Completed

Well, much has happened in the last couple of weeks. Or maybe it was the whole month of June. No—cause I’ve blogged since the beginning of June. I guess I was just getting warmed up, what with travelling, running, and checking out the new babies.

I had the chance to check out that baby again at a baby shower just the following week after I wrote that blog.


There she is, all dressed up. AND I gave her a book, Good Dog Carl


Only one of the all time best books ever. Cause that Carl knows what he’s doing. Plus, there’s only about 10 words to the whole thing. Win-win.

After that, I decided that things needed to be amped up, and amped up they were.

I went to get my hair died because Angie has shamed me into never going gray. At least not for the next 10 working years. So I just cut it off instead. Well, I didn’t, Jonele did.


Terrible pictures--but I do have short hair. Ever so much easier. Takes minutes to dry. After wearing my hair in a ponytail for that last year it was obvious I needed shorter hair.


Someday maybe I’ll get a good picture but it’s doubtful at this juncture.

We had visitors that week too—for a whole week.


Yep, there’s Cody and Kloi (pronounced Chloe which reappears later)


Puddy didn’t really care but……


this beast has shown nothing but disdain by peeing in the bathroom and stinking up the whole downstairs. He’s 16 and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s going to be with us forever. We don’t feel very happy about Happy.

Oh, and did I mention we had a 13th wedding anniversary in there somewhere?

IMG_2024This is what we look like after a work week. Yikes.

And because I lasted 4 whole months without one, I decided it was high time for me to get the dog I swore I wouldn’t get till retirement. (And I sort of wanted to piss Happy off a little more)

This is the baby--Three weeks ago--




And now.


Completely Adorbs.

She’s a tri color springer. And since I’ve had an Alex and then a Beta, we needed a C name. We thought Cora but Angie has a Cora, and then Cammy, but that didn’t fit. Then when I went to pick her up the name they had given her was Chloe. And Chloe it is.

Of course, Blane and Melanie have a Chloe spelled Kloi. And a Cody. Melanie thought it was pretty hilarious that we seem to just recycle names now. Sigh.

So, now that we’ve made changes throughout the household that affect everyone, including the cats, it’s time to enjoy the rest of the summer. Nothing on the agenda till September so far. Trying to keep it that way.

But then again, you just never know.


I saw this car twice yesterday--


A Seahawk fan from Delaware driving the mean streets of Rochester Minnesota. Who knew?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dine and Dash

Whoa—what just happened? Like it was May and then whooosh—we’ve gotten to almost the middle of June. I just don’t know how it happened.

School started again. I’m finding this class much less heavy than the last one. Thankfully. Of course, as soon as it started it was Memorial Day weekend and then I went to California and there was a paper due…today. Gak. But it’s done and I feel a little more caught up. I’m home for the summer, for the most part, so life should be calmer.

I ran the Med City 1/2 Marathon on Memorial Day weekend. Blane and Melanie were here for a couple of days too. They left Sunday after I ran and took two tables with them. Yayayay. Win win win.

Med City was a good run except my right knee about did me in. At one point I thought I might not finish. But we know that would never happen. My sadness is that I think I would have had a pretty good maybe even sub 2 hour time if it hadn’t been for the damn knee and the walking I had to do. Maddening.

DSC01341Hanging on the pink garbage can waiting for the start.

It was a beautiful day for a race and it was cool during the hours I ran


Finishing upright. That’s always a plus for me.

DSC01347Watch out for that pothole…

Five days later Cathy and I were on the way to Cali for another race.

We flew Sun Country which is a tribute to people who don’t fly often and fly on the cheap.

As soon as we took off, I mean as soon as we took off like when the last wheel left the ground the asshat woman in front of me reclined her seat. All. The .Way. Back. Who does that on an airplane anymore? Asshats, that’s who. AND—she stayed that way except for the 20 minutes she was having a drink of pop. This is what I was looking at for about 3 hours.



Yep—that’s how close the seat was to my face.



My 6 inches of room after said woman reclined.

Unfortunately for her because she boxed me in so tight every time I moved I couldn’t help but kick the hell out of the back of her seat. Hard. This is why I fly a little higher end airline. Just saying.

Oh, and if you think she was sleeping, no—she was doing this-



Playing an effing game on her tablet while fully reclined with her neck pillow. My contempt knows no bounds.

We got to Sand Diego and we instantly had the best fish tacos known to mankind with a beer to ease my pain.


This is not my fish taco, it’s the appetizer, Cerviche, that was so good my mouth is watering thinking about it now.


We made it to Carlsbad where we were staying at the noisiest Hilton ever. We were above the pool and it was open from the crack of dawn until 10ish PM, and the loud children were in it most of those hours. In addition to the movie on the lawn across from our room. Loud. It was right across from the beach though and was in a fab locale.


That’s the ocean out there—a little foggy most mornings.


Noisy pool that was empty on Monday the day we left, of course. Picture it full of kids. And adults. And teens. You get it.



I love walking by the ocean.

Cody took us out to dinner and I had a Moscow Mule

IMG_1928I guess you have to drink it in a copper cup. Who knew?

Saturday we went to San Diego and picked up our packets and had another delicious lunch. And some pre race hydration.


Our race was at 6:15….AM. The parking and shuttle line was out of control. The shuttle line was probably 500 people long. Really. And we missed the race start. Which was ok, but I bet it wasn’t for the people in the first 10 corrals. Plus, there was a time limit for the marathoners so if they missed their start it was possible they couldn’t complete the marathon. Wow. Get it together San Diego.

Cathy and my friend and fellow Ragnarian Kimberly, and Cody and I made up two relay teams. Cathy and I had the first leg.

Yay—done and on the bus


And drinking a beer at the finish. It’s at least 9:30 AM by now, right?




Cody showed up shortly after cause he’s fast and our shuttle was slow

IMG_1943Our team—The Medical Professionals

And Kimberly came in shortly after that.


It was a good race but slow for me. I spent a lot of time trying to get around people. It’s too bad that runners aren’t honest about their times so they are put in the correct corrals. Seriously.

Cody took us out to breakfast and we built a bloody-



Cathy and I had health veggie egg white scrambles but Cody…he is actively working on his first cardiac event-


IMG_1948His fork is pointing at bacon wrapped sausage.

After this fun and delicious time we headed up to the winery that Cody took me to last fall. It was much busier because the day was beautiful and warm.


I tell ya, it was a really great day.

It ended at the hotel bar patio where we brought in our own beers and continued to rehydrate from our efforts early in the morning.

IMG_1951It’s not an ultra, it’s a grapefruit beer. And it was the best.

Our not so secret beer tote.


We ordered some dinner and charged it to our room. Except for when we got the bill Cathy noticed on our way out that we never got charged for our dinner. Sadly, our memories are a little hazy after the grapefruit beer and, well, there’s a distinct possibility we did a dine and dash. A drunken dine and dash. How is that even possible? Not like we were moving quickly and we walked right past the wait staff. Huh. Maybe they were paying us to leave. No, that can’t be right.


Monday was no fun day as we headed back to Minnesota. We were half hour late due to a broken seat belt and a passenger unwilling to move to a different seat cause he had to sit with his wife or something. I’m like, dude, move. your. ass. I’m getting to be a terrible flyer.

I will say my precheck status is the best thing since sliced bread. Even though the lines weren’t too long

IMG_1917Lack of line when we left from terminal 2

I love the fact that I don’t have to take anything off or out of my back pack. Life is sweet that way.

Worth every penny.

Now I’ve been back for the last week, working, and schooling.

Our pergola in finished and perfect in every way-


IMG_1955It’s like a shady little room on the deck, and the cats love it.

I saw my coworker’s little baby this week too--

Cutest thing eva-


IMG_1957This picture cracks me up.

Lastly, Happy is feeling well and enjoying the sun here.



Everyone should also be relieved to know that Carol, the Queen B, has sent Happy’s diarrhea sponge to Martha’s friend who picked Happy up for us and fostered him for a week. As much as I’d like to say it’s not true, sadly, I cannot.


I can’t make this up. If anyone needs a diarrhea sponge, just let me know and I’ll get it right to you.